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Teach and strengthen fundamental maths skills

The FUNdaBolt Maths Learning Cards are about being able to play different games that teach and strengthen fundamental maths skills. These games teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value and memory. The instruction cards also explain variations that can be adapted to suit younger and older learners. You can also find the instructions on the games page.

The Full Set of FUNdaBolt Learning card set consists of 85 playing cards; 1 intro card; 8 instruction cards to play 9 different games, plus their variations; 3 timestable cards; 1 shape identification card and 2 replacement cards.  Alternatively, you can purchase the games individually.  Each comes with cards to play the game and an instruction card.

Schools wishing to purchase card sets for teaching staff and classroom may purchase at a 20% discount or to find out more about running a fundraising promotion at your school or how to get your school using the FUNdaBolt cards, please Contact Us.


FUNdaBolt Learning cards

The cards have been designed with colour, numbers and shapes that appeal to children and make learning fun. There are many different games that can be played with the maths learning cards and support learning addition, subtraction, place value and the times tables.

Each game is clearly described on the instruction card and there are variations to suit all ability levels. This means children in grade prep can begin to learn basic maths skills and a child in grade 6 can be challenged as they play harder games that require speed and accuracy to win.

FUNdaBolt Maths Cards are affordable and fun, encourage learning and can be used in schools and by families.


FUNdaBolt Learning Products

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Stano 9

This fun game teaches memory and number sequencing.


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A game of forward planning and strategy. Can you be the one to pick up the last card?


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Full Set

A full set of cards that can be used to play all the games.


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